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Import users using Excel

A large number of users can be easily imported through the Excel import function.

To do this, call up the "Users" page and select "Import users" at the top right.

Compulsory fields

The Excel table must contain the following columns:

  • First name

  • Name

  • Username

  • Email

Only records that have valid values in all four columns are imported.

Exception: The one LDAP server is connected to Zeitwart , see below.

Optional fields

These columns are optional:

  • RFID

  • Rolls


The RFIDs are imported, these are needed for the authentication of the users at the displays.


To which roles does the user belong. Enter all roles in this column, separated by commas. For security reasons, no administrative roles can be imported; these must be set individually directly in Zeitwart .


If the Zeitwart installation is connected to your LDAP server, you can add another column "LDAP". If an "x" is set there, only the user name or e-mail address must be set. The LDAP server will then be contacted during the import and the remaining fields (name, first name, email or user name) will be filled in automatically.

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