Change event bookings

Change event bookings

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You have booked an event in Zeitwart and want to make a change?

No problem.

All you need is the reservation confirmation email we sent you.

Important: The e-mail with the reservation request does not help you here. If you have only received this e-mail, please check whether you have confirmed the reservation request at all. :-)

In our example, Anne Apfel has received the following reservation confirmation:

From the email, Anne can now change or cancel her booking at any time via "Edit ticket". All she has to do is enter the email address she used:

Using the form that now appears, Anne Apfel can not only change her name and first name, but also the number of reserved tickets.

She then confirms her changes with "Edit tickets":

Anne will now be resent the amended reservation.

Important: The QR code does not change.

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