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Six reasons why Zeitwart will change your perspective on New Work

New Work is a modern term. The transformation often fails within the company. Zeitwart helps with this!

In the first part of our blog series, we showed you what New Work is and how Zeitwart is helping to make it a reality. Today we want to show you how Zeitwart, as a German start-up, will change your perspective on New Work and location-independent working.

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the debate about flexible workplaces and working from home has gained significant momentum. In the meantime, many employees even expect to be provided with a flexible workplace and thus the possibility to switch comfortably between their own four walls and the office. Zeitwart offers precisely this solution: embedded in an existing IT infrastructure, you are able to organise rooms and resources quickly and in a user-friendly manner. And best of all: employees can make their own decisions. And without much organisational effort. That saves valuable time.

With Zeitwart, you not only opt for a flexible and customised solution. With our product, you can give your employees the opportunity to organise their workplaces the way they need to, on their own responsibility and in a self-determined way. This doesn't just apply to the question of whether they work from home. They can also decide where they have their workstation at their workplace. Flexible and transparent with Zeitwart. This saves resources and leads to more innovation, as teams can come together ad hoc and on a project basis.

With the Zeitwart solution, you can do just that in your company. In addition, we offer a number of advantages that make our product unique.

We would now like to give you our six reasons why you should manage your rooms and resources with Zeitwart in the future.

1 Zeitwart - A Start Up from Germany

Zeitwart is a young company based in Osnabrück that is still growing itself. As a result, we know only too well how important it is to get adapted and flexible solutions to problems. This saves time and money. We also want to offer you this. We want to grow together with you and respond to your needs on an individual level and thus also improve our products. What makes you better also makes us better.

We are in close contact with our customers and can therefore react quickly and flexibly to their needs and requests for help. We expressly welcome customer feedback and requests. This helps us to constantly improve our product so that you can benefit from it too.

As a growing company, our structures are flexible. This means that we are there for you. With us, there are no questions about who is responsible. We simply help you and are available for you.

As a start-up, we are also flexible enough to react individually to your ideas and wishes. We want our product to be better and to help you on the ground and make your work easier - that's what drives us.

2. everything from one source

Our claim is that with Zeitwart we offer a product that works. We want to facilitate workflows and offer a positive user experience that invites people to use Zeitwart. We know from our own experience that nothing is worse than establishing an expensive solution that is then not used because it causes more problems than it solves.

For us, this also means that we take care of everything. We don't just supply the system and the software. Zeitwart also includes special hardware, such as room displays. To avoid compatibility problems, we organise the displays and take care of the set-up. This ensures that everything works.

Hardware and software are therefore optimally coordinated. In addition, you have a contact person who is available and takes you seriously.

This saves time and money, as long coordination processes and the question of responsibilities are eliminated. We take care of you!

3. data protection

More and more of our personal data ends up on the net. For many of us, this raises the question of how we handle it and how much control we have over it. In addition, there is also the legal dimension of the GDPR, which has led to many uncertainties on the entrepreneurial side.

We also very often trust that corporations and their software solutions that are not based in Germany or the European Union respect the legislation that applies here and handle the data entrusted to them sensibly. All of this leads to many uncertainties about data protection among users and companies.

However, if you decide to work with Zeitwart in the future, you can be sure that we will handle your data sensitively and in accordance with the law.

We are a young company based in Osnabrück. German and European rules apply to us. So it goes without saying that our product is in line with the GDPR.

4. support

Our vision is to sustainably improve your business for you and your employees. For us, this also means that we offer comprehensive support. Thanks to our lean structures and close coordination with you, we are always there where help is needed.

We also offer you, as a customer, comprehensive documentation and help sections on all topics concerning Zeitwart, including possible hardware and software questions. Documentation shows all the functions of Zeitwart in a clear and structured way. And since pictures and videos often say more than a thousand words, the articles are attractively visualised.

Here we show you step-by-step how to get started with Zeitwart as a new customer, the ideas and concepts behind our solutions and, of course, how employees and administrators start working with Zeitwart.

If you have any further questions, we are of course there for you personally.

5. we have the users in mind

Zeitwart came into being because a problem arose in a workplace and a flexible solution was sought. As a result, the user perspective is clearly anchored in our entrepreneurial DNA. We want it to be fun to use Zeitwart. Working with our tool should feel good and right.

We want to make it easier for users to organise their work more efficiently and better, so that space is freed up for the creative.

One feature of Zeitwart is NFC chip-supported room bookings. Available resources and rooms are displayed transparently via our touch displays. In addition, there are QR code-supported tickets for booked events. This ensures that only those users have access to the rooms who are supposed to.

Zeitwart thus offers transparent and, above all, intuitive solutions that help employees to organise themselves and thus facilitate their everyday work. The integration of common software ensures that users do not have to adapt to new environments and, thanks to a differentiated role system, only do and see what is intended for them. With our solutions for room booking, there are suitable and intuitive solutions for many use cases that feel completely natural and cannot be imagined without after a short time.

Working with Zeitwart should also be fun and relieve the burden on admins and system administrators. We therefore offer a Rest API with which our functions can be conveniently integrated into the existing IT landscape.

6. tax advantages for the employees

Not only for the company can the switch to flexible workplaces with time warden be financially worthwhile. Employees can also benefit from it. If you switch to an office infrastructure in which you do without fixed workstations, the employees can also benefit from a tax perspective under certain circumstances.

It is possible for employees to deduct their workplace at home from their taxes, even if they also perform their work at the company location. If you have switched to a smart office infrastructure with Zeitwart, you can provide your employees with a flexible room pool. The individual workstation is therefore no longer necessary. Under certain circumstances, this solution makes it possible for employees to deduct the costs of their workroom from their taxes as income-related expenses. In addition to the freedom you offer your employees, the use of Zeitwart also has tangible financial advantages.

These were our six reasons why you should organise your rooms and resources with Zeitwart. If you have any questions or suggestions about our products, please feel free to send us a message or call us directly. We look forward to hearing from you!

In the next part of our blog series, we will take a closer look at digital office management and smart room booking systems.

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