Successful use of Zeitwart at Solarlux

Solarlux CIO Michael Berens reports on the use of Zeitwart

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Successful use of Zeitwart at Solarlux.

Solarlux GmbH, a renowned company in the production of individual glass systems, has successfully implemented Zeitwart in its everyday business. At Solarlux, our tool optimises resource utilisation by controlling the booking of desks, rooms with conference technology and vehicles in the company pool. It transparently displays the use of resources, such as the occupancy of rooms, on various devices.

Online booking of rooms and workstations with Zeitwart.

Solarlux employees use Zeitwart in various areas, including:

  • Workplace booking via interactive maps on PCs and internet-enabled devices

  • Displays with daily views and LED status display at meeting rooms

  • Filtering and booking of pool vehicles

  • All bookings are synchronised with calendars in Outlook, Exchange and Office 365.

Increase efficiency and transparency with Zeitwart.

According to CIO Michael Berens of Solarlux, Zeitwart noticeably facilitates the organisation of everyday IT. For example, online group calls can be organised quickly and easily via Zoom or Teams by booking the required room including equipment directly. Zeitwart also helps with the selection, reservation and booking of a suitable vehicle for external appointments.

We are very pleased that Zeitwart was able to help Solarlux so well in everyday life.

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