Library of the Osnabrück University of Applied Sciences

Renate Pieper-Bekierz - Library management

Zeitwart replaces an open source solution for room booking at the university's library. Compared to the previous solution, Zeitwart represents a great leap forward, as the system is not only freely scalable, but also offers the possibility to map special scenarios and special cases, such as practice rooms that are only available to certain status groups or a crisis-related occupancy cap, in a targeted manner and usually with little effort on an ad hoc basis. The high degree of adaptability to individual needs, taking into account existing roles and status groups, combined with limited complexity and manageable administrative effort in the back end, is a unique selling point with which Zeitwart was able to convince us. The intuitive design and the successful user experience with trend-setting features such as RFID-supported ad hoc booking of resources via touch displays or the development of events by means of QR-supported tickets round off the portfolio offered by Zeitwart advantageously and prepare us for every eventuality. The exemplary, fast support and the agile, always customer-oriented, targeted and transparent development process as well as the very good support during the implementation phase underline the positive overall impression of this product.

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