You can organise external and internal participants of events with the ticketsystem.


The ticketsystem is used to organise external and internal participants of events. You determine the maximum number of participants possible and interested parties can register via an internet address that can be reached without a login. They receive a QR code by e-mail that can be used for admission control and validated by authorised users upon arrival.

Reservation process

Once an event has been created, interested parties can register and reserve tickets via the registration page.

For this purpose, the first name, last name, e-mail address and number of desired tickets must be provided. The participant receives an e-mail in which the participation must be confirmed once again. Only then will another e-mail be sent with the reservation confirmation, which contains an automatically generated QR code.

If the first e-mail is not confirmed by calling up the link, the request is automatically removed from the system after 48 hours and the tickets are released again.

The QR codes can be read with any QR reader. They then display the event, date, number of tickets and name.


Validate tickets

Tickets can be validated by authorised users of Zeitwart , using any device with a camera. Once a ticket has been validated, the QR code is no longer valid and cannot be used twice.

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